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    We are one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, animation, publishing and licensing to a global audience.

    Happy Team, established in 1987, and now HTG & partners, are committed to making the world a more beautiful and healthier place through our products, our people, our environmental sustainability and our philanthropy. In 1987, our founder Nicola Carrassi committed his company "...To bring smiles, friendship concept and entertainment to young -and forever young- people, exploiting the values of proud & courage... Improve the force of a dream 'that comes true'.

    Supporting people in order to be unique, radiants, and always positive.

    Today, these words are still central to our business and our success at HTG.

    This is the company that puts cartoons on TV and smile on faces. That creates new multitarget format with one hand and fight cyberbullying with the other. That knows the value of a perfect franchise, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against cyberstalking. We're the company that not only brings happiness, videos, music, App, books, formats and smiles to your devices but also opens them.

    The company that for more than 30 years has stood for entertainment, innovation, optimism and, above all, for kids, teens and forever young. We are HTG!


    1 Million Customers

    with our affiliate program

    2 Million social followers

    in this very moment

    30 years of great worldwide entertainment

    With our great partners

    35 years of worldwide licensing

    Thanks to our big partners

    28 strategic partnerships worldwide

    The HTG joint venture program

    35 countries and 140 territories covered

    We distribute, sell, and sublicence worldwide

    250 new patents and Format registered in 2012/17

    Ready for you. And still working

    24 subsidiaries around the world

    with our affiliate program

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    We selected simply the best items and technology, like the biggest, in order to create your amazing experience with us!

    From 2009 'till now, we licensed the best Omnimedia's supports and items from one of the best leaders in footage and special effects.*


      We use the best augmented reality technology available on the market: easy to use, powerful to engage the audience, simply amazing for your biz.**



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        Our team up is your task force

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